Building a community, one person at a time.

The Mission~
To build lasting relationships with clients through need, trust and accomplishment.

  • The Mission 1st amendment~To grow this company into a small to
    medium network of people through needs, trust and accomplishments
    with 1 on 1 attention, establishing stable pairings of
    client/contractor (base of 20/20).
  • The Mission 2nd amendment~To create a 501c3 that can
    collect donations to get our services to those in need who
    cannot afford it. To attain a network of volunteers.



This is not an application for your phone or a hosting of desperate strangers or transients.

This is for the residents of Dunedin, Florida and the surrounding area.

This is a website built by a home owner in your town, a neighbor, vetted by The State of Florida and The Department of Homeland Security.

My name is Bonnie Catherine Pettersson and I built this website because we all need lasting relationships.

I am someone who may be able to help you.